First I’m sorry for the WE2008 Source Code Released. That was a April Fools joke, a brutish one. Hope that didn’t hurt anyone.

And second, after months of development and commenting (actually this is the highlight), WrightEagleBase is to be released today – the day before Chinese Qixi festival. It’s a traditional festival for lovers. May tomorrow be a sweet day for Cindy and myself.

WrightEagle 2D Soccer Simulation Team was established in 1998. It is a branch of WrightEagle Robocup Team. WrightEagle RoboCup Team belongs to Multi-Agent Systems Lab., School of Compute Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, China.

We have participated in annual competition of RoboCup from 1999 and we have got 2 champions and 3 runner-ups of RoboCup in recent 4 years. We take RoboCup 2D Soccer Simulation as a typical problem of multi-agent systems, and our long-term goal is to do research in decision-making and other challenging projects in artificial intelligence.
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