June 18, 2010, we began our journey to RoboCup 2010 at Singapore.

we're here for this

Outside it's their fight(新加坡在阅兵)

Inside is ours

the Iranian MM (five of them, all high school girls, from team Unique, the champion of RoboCup IranOpen 2010, got 6th position in RoboCup 2010)


Singapore Polytechnic

and robots, handreds of

The Final day

It's the end of this journey - we lost to helios at 1:2 in RoboCup 2010 Final, and fall back to runner-up once again.

Prisident Velosol say

Meet you at İstanbul next year

And the other side

the port

in Sentosa evening

the sun set

and we look ahead - we saw hope and the spirit never dies.

Goodbye, Singapore

June 26, 2010.